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                  2016 Chinese (Shang Zhi) - Jingdong raspberry Festival

                  添加时间:2016-09-20 点击量:3384

                     Sponsored by the association of Chinese economic forest, economic forest association China raspberry blueberry Specialized Committee, Shang Zhi Municipal People's government, the Jingdong group, Shang Zhi Zhen ER network technology Co., Ltd. hosted the Chinese economic forest association 2016 annual Chinese raspberry blueberry Specialized Committee (Shang Zhi) - Jingdong raspberry Festival, held the opening ceremony in the city of Shang Zhi in September 19, 2016, after the opening ceremony local enterprises in Heilongjiang Province Shangzhi Luye Berry CO., Ltd to visit. Let the participants understand more deeply understand Shang Zhi, 

                     Heilongjiang Province Shangzhi Luye Berry CO., Ltd, understand the red raspberry.

                  Red raspberry aka raspberry, is now sweeping the world of the third generation of fruit in the international market, known as the "golden fruit". And as the "red raspberry Chinese Shangzhi town", is the origin of China red raspberry plant, began to introduce red raspberry from at the beginning of the Middle East Railway Construction, nearly 100 years of red raspberry the planting history. Here the annual output of tens of thousands of tons of red raspberry in frozen fruit in the form of cheap exports to Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States in the red raspberry is a frequent visitor on the table, is a healthy diet of choice for enthusiasts, is a must. Adorn desserts