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                    The research & quality center, with 300 square meters’ laboratory mainly engaged in food processing, chemical and biological engineering technology research and develop , is equipped with advanced instruments, such as High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC), Gas Chromatograph (GC), Thin Layer Scanner (TLS),TU1901 Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer, Computrac, Polarimeter, film rotatory evaporator, ultrapure water purifier, etc.

                    The technical center have strong technical force and professional technicians on food engineering, bioengineering, environmental engineering, agrochemistry, phytochemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, applied chemistry, etc. In the meanwhile the center established a long-term cooperation and technical support system with college of Harbin food and science ,Shanghai purple stone biology Co.,ltd ,Tianjin Peak .

                    The technical center accumulated rich experience in the field of berry juice concentrate, IQF, juice powder, anthocyanin, chemosynthesis, extract, etc. We would like to establish sincere cooperation with every client and further research on natural botanicals, wild berries, herb substances, biological health products, medical intermediates and extract, etc, to explore innovative technology and develop bio-pharmaceutical intermediates and make due contributions for the human health and the business development.